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About Us


Autono car, with its superior sensor technology with sensing feature, is a completely driverless vehicle that offers a high level of sensitivity and safety. It redefines autonomous driving.

Blu Denizcilik Ltd.  since 2009 It is a group company with Bluecraft Yachting. Blu Denizcilik Ltd. is headquartered in Izmir. The company  was established with the aim of providing service to its customers who want to buy a new yacht with the same sensitivity it has shown to its customers who buy a second-hand yacht, with its fifteen years of experienced staff. Our aim is to primarily determine the model for the needs of our users and to be with them for many years in their maritime adventure with the right model. To keep customer satisfaction at a high level by providing service to the brands we sell in all regions of Turkey in a short time is too important for us. Our main goal is to be a company where users will always feel safe after sales. We would be happy to see you among us in this experience.

Why Blu Denizcilik?

Your hobby is our job. We understand your wishes and work accordingly to offer you the most suitable model. In this process, you will be as happy as you are.We work to ensure the highest satisfaction by carefully following the process.

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