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Second Hand Yachts 


You can contact our group company, Bluecraft Yachting, about our second-hand yachts.


Bluecraft Yachting 

Our company, which started operating in Izmir in 2009, has adopted the principle of delivering new and second-hand motor yacht-sailboat models to 'you', our special friends, in the easiest, most convenient and fastest way. It is our greatest desire to share our partnerships with companies around the world with you, our sea-loving friends. 'Bluecraft', which offers a wide range of options with its international portfolio with our branch opened in Çeşme in 2011, also provides services for the buyer  from domestic and international boat buying and selling operations to the transfers of these yachts. It enables them to get their yacht with a safe and quality service. Our biggest principle is to ensure that our customers who choose us are absolutely satisfied with us. We offer you the guarantee of satisfaction with any operation you perform with Bluecraft. We know that the greatest value for us is you since the day we were first established. If you, like us, believe that life begins at sea, it is time to experience the 'Bluecraft' difference.

Bluecraft Yachting 

GSM: +90 530 108 75 75 

PBX: +90 232 325 42 43

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